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Today we are going to talk about Aqualyx, one of the treatments offered by the Royal Aesthetic Clinic to combat localized fat, which is a problem that affects many people who even at their ideal weight still present certain problem areas.

Aqualyx is a non-surgical treatment that fights the fat located mainly in the thighs, abdomen or the upper part of the knee. Its application is very simple, since it is a preparation that is injected directly into the adipose tissue where fat is accumulating.

It is not necessary to use an anaesthesia because it is not painful, and the only precaution is to infiltrate it so that it is well distributed throughout the tissue. Once there, it acts by breaking down the fat, which is eliminated through the lymphatic system.

It could be said, in a very colloquial way, that the compound of Aqualyx liquefies the fat so that it is eliminated permanently. For a person with normal fat accumulation, three sessions are usually enough to allow time for the body to eliminate all the fat.

Is it necessary to do anything else while using Aqualyx?

During a treatment using Aqualyx the patient may be advised to wear compression stockings, a girdle or a compression bandage, as this will help to get rid of the fat a lot quicker.

The action of the product, and also not to go to saunas or other places with high temperatures.

Ideally, drainage massages should be performed between one and another application of Aqualyx to promote the elimination of fat through the lymphatic system.

Do you have any side effects?

It will all depend on the sensitivity of the person, but in some cases can cause redness of the skin, a slight swelling, itchiness or moderate pain.

If there is any other effect, you should consult with the clinic, although normally nothing will happen. It is a very safe and very effective treatment that has been used successfully for many years in all types of patients.

Aqualyx is not just for women, men can also benefit from its effects on different parts of their body, including the jowl or chest area. It can help reduce excess fat in male breasts, something that worries a lot of guys who have this problem.


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