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Fit threads are a very effective rejuvenation system without the need for surgery. The Royal Aesthetic clinic has been a pioneer in performing aesthetic medicine treatments with suitable threads.

Both performance and results have been compared with Botox in the sense that it is a treatment with immediate and very beneficial effects, but unlike the injections, can be placed anywhere on the face, and are highly effective in combating facial flaccidity.

Fit threads are suture threads like those used in operations. They are very thin and are introduced under the skin with great ease, only with an injection. They do not produce rejections, as it is surgical material that has been tested and already known not to cause any problems.

Suitable threads placement technique

The first step in the placement of suitable threads is to perform a study of the patient’s face and determine the areas in which they may be flaccidity and the degree to which it is present.
In this study it will be decided which zone (s) will be treated and the calculation of the number of threads that will be needed to achieve a good result.

The next step consists of laying the threads. Each clinic has its own method, but the usual way is to introduce a Microcannula under the skin that places the threads just under the skin´s surface. Since they are so fine, they are not noticeable by touching or to the naked eye.

The threads begin to trace a kind of net under the skin that is responsible for tightening and holding it so the face is smooth. By tightening the skin, all the small wrinkles of expression seen on the face disappear, while deeper ones are visibly softened.

The threads are made of a resorbable material that will slowly disappear. Its duration is approximately six months. The definitive results of the intervention are seen after three weeks, which is when the small inflation caused by the cannulas has already subsided and the skin has been adjusted to its new appearance.

This technique of aesthetic medicine is a fantastic alternative to a surgical face-lift, especially in those young people but who already begin to notice the first symptoms facial aging.



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