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Well proportioned legs is the goal to be achieved for many women, but it must be recognized that it is an especially complicated part of the body to work with. If a woman is not born with nice calves, it can be difficult to achieve as exercise just develops muscles, but that is not what a girl is looking for in her legs.

A beautiful calf does not have the same definition from a masculine point of view as from a feminine point of view. For the men it is about marking muscles, but for women it´s about having a rounded and sensual shape, just like they are looking for in the buttocks.

For these two areas of the body, the Royal Aesthetic Clinic provides two alternatives: a filling with the person´s own corporal fat or silicone implants. In each case the pros and cons of each method need to be considered.

Fat or silicone implants allow you to increase the volume of such areas to get the well proportioned legs that every woman dreams of, as well as getting a rounded backside just like those seen in fashion´s big gun magazines.

Thighs, a delicate area

For those women who have lost many kilos or who over the years have noticed that their skin has lost elasticity, thighs are a particularly problematic area.

Here the skin is very delicate and easily hangs due to changes in volume or aging. This can be the cause of proportionate legs not being so, and are soon hidden away through fear that signs of unattractive sagging are noticeable.

But for big problems, very effective minor solutions that allow for the recovery of smooth skin on the thighs and legs are provided. That being the thigh lift, which is performed at the Royal Aesthetic Clinic.

This operation can be performed in some cases under local anesthesia and sedation, allowing the patient to go home on the same day, or under general anesthesia if the intervention requires it, in which case the patient would go home on the following day.

The recovery is fairly quick and the remaining scars are very minor, and in most cases will eventually disappear. As they occur on the groin and the inner side of the thighs, they are pretty much hidden, as well as being very fine.


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