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VeinsRoyal Aesthetic Clinic has a laser unit Multidiode last generation, with different types of platforms laser and IPL (pulsed light), allowing us to address the treatment of varicose veins that require this technology with greater efficiency and safety for our patients. We tried both aesthetically superficial varicose veins as thick and deep varices pathological.

Varicose veins are abnormal dilatations of the venous system, which causes a dysfunction in the blood draw, primarily in the legs, and hence the appearance of most of the symptoms accompanying varices: heaviness, bloating, cramping, itching, tingling … This results in unsightly dark spots, eczema, and skin atrophy, and in more severe cases, severe ulceration may appear.

Before addressing the surgical treatment of varicose veins we conducted a thorough history, adequate vascular exploration and in-depth study of the superficial and deep venous system.

Laser Multidiode latest generation technology is the most innovative and effective for the treatment of vascular lesions and varicose veins of very small diameter of the legs, in clusters or individual. The laser energy passes through the skin surface without damaging it, by acting directly on the wall of the varicose vein coagulándola (fotoesclerosis). In a fortnight’s body reabsorbs the clot and varícula disappears. We also use polarized light source.

In cases where varicose veins are thicker and surface use chemical sclerosis. And for treating thick side Technical Crochet used.

All of them are made in consultation with local anesthesia.

In severe cases of venous insufficiency of the saphenous vein, we proceed to surgery in the operating room under local anesthesia with sedation. The patient goes high in a few hours.

In about 1-2 weeks the patient can perform normal life, but should avoid long walks and exercise should not make up at least 1 month after surgery.

The medical team of Royal Aesthetic Clinic at all times monitor the patient’s progress and will indicate the most suitable postoperative treatment in each case.


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