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Over the years the skin loses its luminosity, vitality and the famous flaccidity appears. The skin is gradually lowered by the lack of collagen and elastin, creating an appearance of fatigue. All women want a smooth and shiny skin, and today we give you the solution to all your problems with the thread lift in spain, the facial treatment of Russian threads.

The thread lift in spain.

thread lift

There is a lot of information on the Internet about magical threads, lifting with threads, suitable threads, etc. But the problem is that it does not specify what type of thread it is being talked about, that confuses people and creates false expectations with the treatment. The world of aesthetic medicine is constantly evolving, as techniques are improved, products prosper, etc.

Which types of tension threads does exist in the market nowadays?

There are many types of thread lift in spain and several techniques to place them, but these two factors depends on our skin to get the best results, it also depends a lot on each case, depending on what you want to get, some types of threads are recommended and the technique more appropriate. We will explain the different types of yarns and techniques that exist.

Non-resorbable threads: they are made of polypropylene, a biocompatible material and not resorbable by the body that has been used as a surgical suture in heart interventions and used in buttock lifting and to achieve a more permanent result.
Resorbable threads: they are made of polidoxanone, a biocompatible material reabsorbable completely by the body after a certain time. These threads help the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, and usually they create a mesh in the skin, to restore the skin smoothness and luminosity.
Russian threads: they are a special suture of a resorbable biocompatible material that has a longer duration than the resorbable ones and the effect lasts longer although the threads have already been reabsorbed. The technique is performed by infiltrating the threads and knotting in the upper part of the ear holding the tension of the skin to create the lifting without surgery.

magic lifting


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