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MAGIC LIFTING… Tension strips accompanied by Phenol peeling

The MAGIC LIFTING created by Dr. Martin Espinosa consists of the subcutaneous application of spiculated tensile threads accompanied by a dermabrasion with phenol peeling.

Spiculate strand threads are a kind of surgical thread used for a face-lift. They are made of poliodioxanone or PDO which is a material widely used in other interventions, so they offer a lot of safety, without producing rejections. Its properties in the factions improve cellular interconnection and provide a bonding channel to improve the production of collagen, elastin and elastic tissues that eliminate facial flaccidity and wrinkles.

Its structure contains “spicules” or small protrusions around its entire extension to provide many more places for anchoring the skin. This makes them somewhat different from monofilament yarns and provides a more vigorous stretching effect. The Fibrosis of the dermis has to be formed for more anchor points.

The Phenol Peeling reaches the sixth layer of the reticular dermis, the ideal target for deep peelings. This layer releases water, salts and proteins to neutralize the process and, when approaching the dermis, phenol stimulates the collagen fibers, providing greater elasticity and helping to renew new skin that is about to appear.

These peelings are as simple to apply as a glycolic peeling, acting in two different degrees of depth. The epidermis is completely renewed and refined, stimulating the production of collagen and the appearance of new glycosaminoglycans. In this way the turgidity and elasticity of the entire cutaneous structure is achieved.

This treatment is performed under local anesthesia and / or relaxation on an outpatient basis without any risk. The Germanías clinic team always keeps track of their patients in order to assess results and patient’s expectations.

real case

Real case

This combination has had spectacular results as well as some very happy and satisfied patients.




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