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Aesthetic surgery covers all types of body and facial treatments, and today we are going to talk about mentoplasty, a very quick and simple surgical technique. Its purpose is to correct the alteration of the chin to increase or reshape its contour. Its objective is to improve the patient’s profile by creating a greater projection.

This intervention modifies the shape, size or position of the chin, achieving the desired effect.

With cosmetic surgery we help improve or enhance our physical appearance through all kinds of treatments focused on the prevention of aging both facially and for body

One of the treatments of aesthetic surgery related to the chin is mentoplasty, which involves placing a prosthesis of a biocompatible material.

It is done through an incision that can be done inside the oral cavity or under the chin, depending on the characteristics of the patient and according to their morphology.

In the event that the incision is made in the mouth, the patient should maximize the hygienic measures for at least a week. In case of incision under the chin, the suture is removed according to the evolution of the patient.

The first three days of the post-operative period, the area is usually inflamed, which is why we recommend taking analgesics and applying local cold.

This intervention is not painful, you can have a little discomfort of tension during the first days and after 3 or 4 days you can lead a normal life.

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