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Lipolaser is one of the best techniques to eliminate localized fat today. At this time of year is when more patients perform this treatment, since being in cold weather is more bearable than in the middle of summer.

We also know that on Christmas we leave aside the diet, or good food and replace them with nougat, business dinners, and with it the increase of a couple of kilos or clumps of fat in areas such as cartridge belts, knees , flanks, abdomen, etc.

What is the lipolaser?

The treatment of the lipolaser consists in the use of a laser energy that liquefies the fat cells without deteriorating the rest of the tissues, and then the extraction of fat is done by means of a thin cannula through a small incision, carried out strategically so that it is not visible. Thanks to the laser we achieve a greater contraction of the flaccidity so that the skin is smoother.

After the treatment it is necessary to perform lymphatic drainage massages and pressotherapy. You have to wear a girdle for 2-3 weeks so that the recovery of the skin is favorable and retract as much as possible.

Lipolaser is performed on an outpatient basis by local anesthesia and / or relaxation. The next day you can return to your normal activity. It has a quick and simple recovery.

Do you want to eliminate excess fat? Do not think about it anymore, we have the solution with the lipolaser. A fast, simple and effective treatment to return to that tipín what you are looking for.

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