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PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is an ideal restorative treatment applied to mature skins
with signs of aging or even to young skins with acne.

It produces important benefits to aging skin, restores skin vitality, increases thickness and recovers elastic

prpThe advantage of using PRP is to make use a biological substance manufactured by our own body, which is both chemical and risk free. It is obtained from the patient´s own blood, by a process that includes a spin dry of a blood sample, from which the platelet rich plasma is formed. PRP is applied to the skin by small microinjections.

This treatment is performed in three steps:

1. Blood extraction: The disinfection of the area is performed where the extraction is going to be carried out. First an elastic band is applied to restrict the circulation of the veins and facilitate the extraction. Once the sample is obtained, the elastic band is removed before taking out the needle to restore the circulation. Estimated time: 5-10 min.

2. Centrifuge: Once the sample is obtained, the centrifuge procedure begins at 2800-3100 rpm for 9-10 min. Once the centrifuge cycle has finished the sample is ready for activation.

3. Application: It can be injected through the intradermal level with microinjections, where the functional cells of the skin are found. The remaining PRP can be injected as a “nappage” treatment in the epidermis in order to stimulate the epidermal cells.

We also perform a PRP technique called PLASMASKIN, a variant of this technique that consists on a much deeper PRP infiltration, with visible results in a shorter time.

Very soon in our next post… All the information about this innovative and rejuvenating treatment performed with your very own stem cells. It is also used for joints, hair loss, cleavage and hands.


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