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The Face Lift in Spain has been used and developed over the years, thanks to that new techniques have been found to accomplish approximate results. There are permanent techniques and temporal techniques.
The focus of all the techniques of face lift are to stretch the skin and muscles in order to give the face of the patient the look it had before.
We don’t recommend this surgery for patients under 40 years. The flaccidity at that age is not enough to require a lifting.
There are many different ways to attack the symptoms of the ageing, as it is caused by many different factors.

The techniques to perform the face lift in Spain.

The face lift can be performed with or without surgery. Depending on the needs of the patient we will recommend one technique or another. The surgical technique gives deeper and long lasting results as the other techniques provide as well very good results but the effects do not last so long.
Non-surgical techniques.
Nowadays the most demanded face lifts are the non-surgical. They can be performed in our private clinic with local anaesthesia and sedation.
Depending on the needs of the patient the specialist may recommend the most suitable technique for his/her case. In Royal Aesthetic Clinic we perform mesotherapy, dermal fillers, tread lift, magic lifting and Martin’s Minilifting.
The surgical face lift.
The surgical face lift in Spain has been used and recommended over the years. It’s the technique that gives the best results and permanent.
During this intervention we eliminate the excess skin and replace the muscles and skin to give the face a younger shape.
In Royal Aesthetic Clinic we perform the 80% of the face lifts in our private clinic, thanks to our doctor’s experience.


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