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More and more experts agree that it is really difficult to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. Moisturizing the skin is important because it will be more flexible and will yield better to fibre stretching, but it is not a real solution. Creams to avoid marks are usually not successful and at best help reduce their appearance, but do not prevent them from appearing on the skin.

Similarly, once the stretch marks have made their appearance, eliminating them is very complicated. The creams and cosmetics that are used for this can slightly reduce the marks, but in no case will eliminate them or make them invisible.

Stretch Marks and Aesthetic Medicine

The most effective solution for stretch marks comes with the help of aesthetic medicine. Peeling techniques or laser treatment can help to considerably attenuate the scars, especially those of red color that have recently appeared. Some of them may disappear but the norm is that they get better by improving the aesthetic aspect, but without being eliminated.

The older white stretch marks have greater cicatrization. They are the most difficult to soften but fortunately they are also the least visible, so the best that can be achieved is to help them be less noticeable on the skin.

Stretch Marks and Cosmetic Surgery

Stretch marks are also not removed through aesthetic surgery, but there are different interventions that can help make the patient look better. For example, an abdomen with stretch marks after a pregnancy is usually an abdomen that also appears flaccid and with excess skin.

If you practice a reconstruction of the abdomen to restore firmness by removing excess skin and sucking in excess fat, it will look much better. If the patient also undergoes the techniques of aesthetic medicine to soften the marks, the final result will undoubtedly be a great improvement that will make you feel much more comfortable with yourself, even to wear a bikini without any complexes.

In short, the stretch marks will not disappear completely, but the difference is important and the improvement in the skin very significant. In the Germanías Clinic, experts in dermatology, aesthetic medicine and surgery can advise each patient on what treatment to perform in their case, offering answers any doubts they may have and giving patients a realistic view of what they can expect from the treatment.


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