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Why do Stretch Marks appear?

Stretch marks may appear in a very short period of time when the skin undergoes a major stretch. This is due to collagen damage caused by those fine lines that may be white, red or even bruised. They may be visible because this superficial layer of the skin allows them to be transparent.

Some of the most frequent reasons why stretch marks appear:

Growing up. In adolescence, many women suffer from stretch marks, as by this time your hips are developing quickly and marks may appear due to these sudden changes.

When you gain weight. After gaining weight quickly, skin may suffer this increase, and in consequence the collagen ends up tearing, causing the stretch marks. This can be seen with pregnancy, for example, as a woman’s body undergoes a very abrupt change, mostly appearing on the hips, breasts and belly.

After losing weight. Stretch marks appear as the skin becomes flaccid with wrinkles. Even if the excess skin is reabsorbed and restored, the lines can be drawn on the skin.

Due cortisone creams. Cortisone has been used over a long time, sometimes causing collagen damage that make the stretch marks to appear in the affected area.

Diseases. Stretch marks can be caused due to some diseases on the skin. For example, Diabetes or Cushing syndrome.

The type of skin. Thinner skins are more delicate, so it will be easier for these marks to appear, normally due to the breakage of the fibres during stretching.

Sometimes these marks may disappear, although the normal thing is for them to change colour over time from red to white. Since the stretch marks do not tan in the same way, they become more evident when sunbathing, being much more visible on dark skin. Or even when it comes to men’s skin, as it is usually thicker, they are less likely to suffer from them, though not totally free from them.


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