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There is no doubt that the workplace is getting more competitive. No matter what type of position you aspire to, there will always be a large number of well-prepared candidates to compete with.

One´s image has always been important for certain jobs, but now more than ever. One of the causes is the increase in competition and another is found in social changes. Now one´s image and physical appearance are valued much more when working with the general public.

For this reason, more and more people decide to make touch-ups to become more successful in the workplace. They are normally people who already take care of their image and have a good presence, but who want to polish up on smaller details in order to achieve a flawless appearance that will open up more employment doors.

Nose and ear touch-ups, two very common operations

Among touch-ups we must highlight on those made on the nose and ears. Sometimes it is not even necessary to resort to cosmetic surgery, as cosmetic medicine may be enough to carry out a nasal correction that does not require major changes.

Rhinomodeling or rhinoplasty without surgery helps to form a straight nose or to vary the width of the nose in a softened way. These changes may be enough on certain faces that just need minor changes made.

The ears are another very visible part, so frequent touch-ups are required. Women, in many cases, hide pronounced or forward ears thanks to their hair, but in the case of men the problem is often much more obvious and cause more complex.

Body touch-ups: being overweight is a drag

Then we talk about corporal touch-ups, one of the most significant is the issue of being overweight. Sometimes it is not being significantly overweight, but is obviously noticeable to the person themselves.

Everything that has to do with being overweight can be treated at the Germanías Clinic, which is specialized in obesity problems. Not only cases of morbid obesity may need help, sometimes even a simple accumulation of very unsightly fat can be treated and help improve a person.

Aesthetic medicine treatments aimed at correcting the traces left by the passage of time are also common in order to get better employment contracts, in a market in which youth is also a basic factor in order to be successful.




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