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Protruding ears is the term by which the ears are generally known, when they are pushed forward away from the
head. This makes them appear larger than normal and gives the face an unattractive appearance.

This type of ears cause many children and adolescents to be mocked by classmates and become the centre of
attention, which is why they often generate such strong complexes.

In the case of girls, it is easier to disguise with hair, but children with short hair have it rather more difficult to avoidProtruding Ears
glances towards that area. This is a problem that many parents try to solve by placing stickers on the back of the
ears, so they become stuck to the skin.

The problem with this method is that it can irritate the skin, or that even the sticker comes off, making the problem
more apparent and the mockery even crueler.

Operating protruding ears is easy

It is difficult to understand how today there are still people who suffer from a problem which is so easy to fix.
Otoplasty can correct this ear problem in the young or adults, without having to undergo an operation with general

This type of intervention is one of the few that are usually done especially in children, due to being a quick and
simple intervention, so avoiding the need to wait until adulthood.

In some cases, protruding ears are accompanied by oversize ears, which can also be corrected by an aesthetic
intervention that is not so complicated, and whose results are quite obvious. In both cases, everything is sorted out
by an incision in the back of the ear that is not noticeable to other people.

There are many celebrities who have resorted to aesthetic medicine to correct their ears. One of the best known
examples is Will Smith, who in his early days in the series of “The Prince of Bell Air” had protruding ears which
were later corrected in both shape and size.

Soccer player Gareth Bale has also used this technique to improve his image. For a while, this sportsman left his
hair long to try and disguise them, but finally he decided to opt for a more definitive solution.



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