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Preventing varicose veins is possible. For this there are certain tips to follow that help to avoid them or, at least so they don`t become so inflamed:

  • Ejercicio. El ejercicio es importante para activar la circulación. Simplemente el caminar entre media hora y una hora al día es suficiente para que la circulación de las piernas note los efectos beneficiosos.
  • Exercise. Exercise is important to activate circulation. Simply walking between half an hour or an hour a day is enough for the circulation of legs to notice the beneficial effects.
  • Good nutrition. Good nutrition contributes to the appearance of varicose veins in several ways. On the one hand, a healthy, fat-free meal will make veins and arteries unclogged by fats.

On the other hand, it will avoid being overweight, which is one of the most important causes in the onset of varicose veins.

  • Avoid standing or sitting for too long. Being in the same posture is bad for the circulation of the legs, either still or sitting. This is especially severe if you have crossed legs or a forced stance.
  • It is recommended to walk a little at least every hour to activate the circulation and also to stretch and avoid muscle and back pain.
  • Taking care of shoes. We all know that heels are very bad for the legs but what many do not know is that shoes that are too flat are also harmful. Choose a low, wide heel that allows you to walk comfortably but that forces you to flex your foot, without overeating your heel.
  • Avoid direct heat sources. Do you remember the under-table heaters that many households used to have? They were warm and nice, but really bad for the circulation of the legs. The same happens now with heaters that are oriented towards the legs or through the car`s conditioned air blasting them.

Direct hot flashes are detrimental to the health of your legs, it is preferable that the heat is distributed throughout the room and, if your feet feel very cold, then wear thick socks to try and counteract.

Ultimate solution for varicose veins

If in spite of following all the advice varices have appeared in your legs and they have become a real problem not only for health, but also aesthetic, the Germanías clinic can help you.

We recommend you inform yourself about our peripheral vascular surgery treatments to permanently remove varicose veins from your legs.


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