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Otoplasty in Spain is the intervention to correct different types of deformities in the ears. Either by detachment, to reduce the size of the ears, reconstruction of ears, lobe, etc.

It is an operation dedicated to people of all types of ages, from a child of 6 years to adults of 65 years. The detached ears is an insecurity for many people. Therefore as time goes by increases the percentage of patients to perform the otoplasty.

How is the intervention of the otoplasty in spain performed?

The intervention does not improve the hearing of the patient. It corrects its physical aspect and therefore the patient’s self-esteem increases when recovering the harmony and symmetry of the facial features.

otoplasty in spain

Otoplasty in Spain is an intervention designed to improve aspects of the ears in both size and shape.
It is a relatively simple surgery. It is done by local anaesthesia and relaxation. There is no need for hospitalisation, so you can usually return to normal life after 2-3 days.

If the ears are not very separated, the cartilage is folded and sutures will be fastened in the skin. If the ears are very separated, the cartilage is anchored to the skull and the excess skin is removed.

The recovery.

Ears Surgery

The first 24-48 hours a compressive bandage is placed around the ears to avoid bruising, and then in their place, some “cigarettes” that compress behind the ears to avoid discomfort for the patient.

Between 10-15 days after the surgery the stitches are removed from the back of the ear and special dressings are left a few days to protect the scar. A healing cream is subsequently prescribed to reduce the visibility of the scar. It is important to follow the surgeon’s guidelines to obtain satisfactory results.

As every intervention the technique used and the post-operation will be different between different cases. In case you want to receive personalised information please take contact with us.


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