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Advanced Unit Obesity


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Dr. Francisco Javier Martín, has been performing medical and surgical treatments in the field of obesity surgery for more than 20 years, creating the Advanced Obesity Unit.
In the advanced obesity unit, we have formed one of the most technologically advanced Obesity Units in Spain and possibly in Europe.

In the unit we have a group of professionals ranging from Nutritionist, Dietician, Psychologist, Coaching, Physiotherapist or Physical Trainer, Physicians, Digestologists, Anesthetists, General Surgeons, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons who perform all the techniques that currently exist for obesity, From a simple diet to minimally invasive treatment such as Lingual Mesh, Enteral Nutrition Backpack, ASPIRE, ENDOBARRIER, Endoscopic Gastric Sleeve or more complex like Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve, Lipogastric, Lipobanding and Bypass-Gastrointestinal.

From our long experience we know that obesity is not only a pathological problem for the patient but also aesthetic and not of short duration, but of indefinite time. That is why in our unit we follow up exhaustively and continuously the patients who decide to be treated.

Dr. Martín Espinosa

Curriculum – View Experience Dr. Martín Espinosa

It is not less important to think of Post-Bursary Surgery, of which we have a great experience, by performing complex surgeries such as circumferential abdominoplasty, vertical leg lift, giant mammary reduction, macro-liposuction, and brachial lifting.

That is why we are proud to continue working to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from obesity and remain a reference clinic worldwide



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