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Acne is a problem that a large proportion of adolescents have to face during one stage of their lives, but many adults do too.

acneIt is a serious aesthetic problem, but can also be painful and can cause skin infections. That is why it
needs to be treated with the best solution for each specific case, by turning to specialized dermatologists.

But acne has also spawned many myths and urban legends that are still believed by many people today. The first
thing to do is understand that such myths about acne are totally false and will therefore not help us fight against it:

-Washing the face a lot helps dirt disappear = Not true. Hygiene is fundamental to this problem, but if we abuse
soap and water, we will only make the skin lose its natural defenses, it will become dry, is weakened more and will
therefore become more vulnerable to bacteria.

-If you have acne, you should never wear makeup. = This is not true either. It is true that you should not use
makeup in thick coats to cover acne, because if the skin pores can ́t breathe it is harmful to your health. But if you
use good cosmetics specific for this skin type, and it is removed correctly without ever sleeping with the product still
on, there should be no problem with using makeup.

Of course, they need to be specific products that are specified as non pore blocking and that do not cause acne,
and it’s better to not use daily.

Chocolate, spicy sausage or fatty food can cause acne = Not true. One of the most widespread lies that many
people actually believe. A healthy diet is good for everyone but acne is not related to what you eat.

– Stress causes acne = This is something that many people believe and does not have any base for truth either.
When someone is stressed their defenses go down and that is detrimental to everything, but being nervous about
an exam or an appointment is not going to make any spots come out.

-Acne marks can ́t be removed = This is not true either. It is true that they will not go away on their own, because
in many cases they are small scars. But in most cases they can be removed with peeling treatments.


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