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Male coquetry is becoming more frequent and also more evident. They are no longer afraid of being seen buying face care creams or going to beauty centres to make minor changes. Fashion and coquetry have been slow to conquer the hearts of men, but it seems that once they´ve done it, they always will.

Many men go to aesthetic medicine centres to have all kinds of interventions performed, from small corrections of the nasal septum to authentic radical changes of image that transform their physical appearance. They even dare to wear silicone implants to improve their buttocks so they look muscular and marked.

Botox or hyaluronic acid are also well known to many men. They do not want to see themselves with premature wrinkles and also have no qualms about correcting the shape of their lips or applying small fillings so that they have a more sensual appearance.

Typical cases of male coquetry

The boys no longer let their physical appearance go. Male coquetry is not just a question of correcting minor physical defects in the operating theatre, as they also want to look after their appearance in every aspect.

Today, many shave, knowing that most women appreciate men´s soft skin. Nor do they resign themselves to baldness and, if they do want to show off a head of hair, they don´t hesitate in undergoing implants so that receding hair or bald patches don´t make them look older than they are. Not all boys want to shave their heads to hide their lack of hair.

Perhaps this change has been the result of women finally demanding the same levels of bodily care from their partners that they themselves submit themselves to. The fact that many famous men have opted for aesthetic medicine and professional care has also influenced their decision making.

As an example, today many footballers have become icons of fashion and beauty in the wake of David Beckham, one of the first sportsmen to openly boast of his physical appearance, and not only become one of the best on the field, but also on the cover of many magazines thanks to his masculine flirtation and own particular style.



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