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The lipobanding, is a revolutionary technique, created and patented by Dr. Martin Espinosa, for patients who want to lose large volume of fat and weight loss. It is recommended to patients with morbid and severe obesity problems, who have already tried it with other simpler techniques, with a strict diet and can not lose a greater volume of fat that returns their figure.

What is the technique of Lipobanding?

This technique, lipobanding, consists of the combination of a macroliposuction, in which we extract a large amount of fat to the patient, and then we implant in the same intervention a gastric band by laparoscopy. We reduce the stomach and retract the skin at the same time.

So what we get are weight losses with reductions up to 70 kg in weight and several sizes of clothes.

How is it different from liposuction or other techniques?

The lipobanding, differs from other techniques used, in that we managed to combine two procedures at the same time, the macroliposuction in several areas of the patient, such as abdomen, flanks, holsters, thighs, arms … and also introduce a gastric band to the patient by laparoscopy, which is less invasive and aggressive and also reduce the capacity of the stomach .

With this, the patient will feel less appetite and the feeling of fullness will notice it with the intake of less food.

Discharge usually occurs between 24 -48 hours, the patient must have a comprehensive control and a controlled diet.

There should be great efforts during the first weeks and lymphatic drainage massages and pressotherapy should be performed.


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