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The lifting without surgery is a non-invasive medical-aesthetic treatment to treat the sagging skin of the face and neck. Ageing does not come alone, and with the passage of time the skin tends to fall, therefore, there are treatments of painless aesthetic medicine to improve the appearance before having to go through the operating room.

There are many types of techniques to perform a lifting without surgery, among them, the famous apt threads. The suitable threads bring collagen and elastin to the skin, which creates an aspect of luminosity and vitality in the skin.

How is the lifting without surgery performed?

The treatment we perform in Royal Aesthetic Clinic without surgery consist on using special sutures that are placed in the form of an inverted trident and then are anchored in the upper part of the ear (hidden between the hair) to be able to hold the weight of the skin to eliminate the flaccidity. Sometimes it is combined with a small liposuction of jaw and / or double chin, depending on the case.

Also the sutures provide collagen and elastin and returns to the face the natural shine of the skin. The treatment lasts about 20-30 minutes and is performed with local anaesthesia. The same day you can return to normal life. The lifting without surgery is generally suitable for all cases, however, it is essential to assess the surgeon first. The treatment has a durability between 3-5 years.


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