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Intimate surgery does not always correspond to an aesthetic problem in the external genital area. In some cases it
is an internal problem that can make sexual intercourse difficult.

After giving birth, especially if you have had several children, some women feel that their vagina has loosened and
due to this there is not enough friction in sexual intercourse. This makes the pleasure, both for her and for him, not
quite the same.

Through intimate surgery, this muscle problem can be corrected by tightening and narrowing the vaginal canal so
that sexual intercourse becomes as pleasurable as before.

An intimate surgery intervention with easy recovery

Intimate surgery,Vaginoplasty, being the name of the intervention we have explained, has a very rapid recovery. After just one week
the patient can return to her normal life, as long as some basic recommendations are taken into account.

For example, you should not wear tight underwear or tight trousers as the intimate area will be quite delicate. If
cotton underwear is always recommended, at this time it will be even more so and it is preferable to wear loose
skirts or trousers.

You will not be able to have sexual intercourse until the area is completely cured, and all the surgeon’s
recommendations must be followed to ensure that the final result will be as expected.

Intimate surgery, more and more cases

There is no need to be uncomfortable with intimate relationships because the vagina is too wide or because the
appearance of the genitals is not what we would like. There is a solution to this problem.

That is why, at the Royal Aesthetic Clinic we invite you to make an appointment and talk to our specialists who can
offer you a customized solution for your problem. They will tell you what you should do in your case and give you all
the explanations about how the operations are performed.

You will also be cleared of any doubts you may have about the type of anesthesia that is used, although we
anticipate that in most cases it would be local anesthesia with sedation to guarantee the quickest recovery.

The first informational visit is totally free, so do not hesitate to ask for an appointment to talk with us and discover
how we can change the appearance of your intimate area and improve your sex life.



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