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The female intimate surgery, called labiaplasty, as its name suggests, is intended to reduce the labia minora or greater female genitals either by hypertrophy problems, asymmetry or by having the lips with an excessive size, the excess skin protruding is cut and shapes the remaining tissue, thus achieving the desired size. Corrects congenital, aesthetic defects.

It worries you and you do not know how to solve your doubts regarding the intimate surgery, do not hesitate.

Intimate female vaginoplasty surgery, however, what we get with it is a vaginal rejuvenation on an aesthetic level because with the years and because of pregnancy, most women need to strengthen the muscles of the back of the vagina and sometimes even reduce the clitoris cap.

It is a quite unknown intervention but at the same time very simple, fast and with an excellent recovery, since in approximately 7 days you recover your daily activity and between four to six weeks after the intervention, you can have sexual relations again in a normal way .

The intimate surgery of vaginoplasty or labioplasty is performed in the operating room at ambulatory level, with local anesthesia and / or relaxation. The intervention usually lasts more or less between an hour and an hour and a half.


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