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What is the role of hyaluronic acid in cosmetic creams?

Hyaluronic acid is able to attract and retain large amounts of water, so it is essential for deep hydration of the skin.facial-treatments Aesthetic medicine treatments
But as the years pass by, we lose much of this acid which is naturally present in the skin, so it is necessary to
provide this organ more of this substance.

The way to do this is through cosmetic treatment creams that contain hyaluronic acid which can introduce it to the
skin. There are also special lip treatments that slightly increase their volume when applied.

But be careful, since not all creams that are advertised as rich in hyaluronic acid have it in the same quantities and
same quality.

For example, we talked about its origin, and we know that much comes from seaweed and marine microorganisms.
This acid is of a lower quality compared to the one that comes from the eye of a fish or the crest of a rooster, and
for the client it is practically impossible to know where it has come from.

That’s why we must rely on quality creams, tested and preferably with the endorsement of experts in cosmetics and
dermatology. But, above all, do not expect miracles, as the cream ́s performance is always limited and although it
can help to improve the skin ́s hydration, its effectiveness for slowing down aging is limited.

What is the role of hyaluronic acid in aesthetic fillings?

Hyaluronic acid has several functions for fillings. It is used to reduce the wrinkles around the lips and also the naso-
labial groove. This acid is applied through injections and is able to fill such wrinkles and make the skin look much younger.

In some clinics, hyaluronic acid is also used to fill the lips and make them appear fleshy. The problem with this
method is that the skin reabsorbs the product, so bit by bit the effects are no longer visible and they will have to be

For this reason, it is currently preferred to use very advanced silicone implants that manage to give the desired
shape to the lips and are maintained permanently, with a very natural appearance. These types of implants are
reversible, so if the patient changes their mind, they can ask for them to be removed without any problems.


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