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The success of hydrolipoclasia in regard to liposuction is due to the high percentage of satisfied patients.

It is four times faster than Medical Cavitation and traditional liposuction, and the results are immediate, one reason why the treatment is so well accepted in specialized circles and in forums related to cellulite and localized fat. Localized fat is characterized by being a cluster of adipose tissue in specific areas of the body.

Sclerotherapy, a solution for spider veinsFrequently located on buttocks, abdomen, hips, upper legs, and back. This type of Adiposity is difficult to eliminate through physical activity and dieting. Hidrolipoclasy is indicated for the elimination of cellulite and volume in thighs, abdomen and buttocks, as well as in forearms, neck, Jowl knees and back. Nevertheless, a doctor´s opinion is recommended, who will determine the area to treat as well as the treatment that best suits your body and type of fatty tissue.

It is a very simple technique to apply, painless and without surgery. The Royal Aesthetic clinic medical team from Valencia is specialized in this technique and will always advise you on the steps that should be followed.


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