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If you have set yourself the new year ́s resolution of getting the perfect body you are in luck, as not only have you
bet on improving yourself aesthetically, you will also be improving your health.

And the first thing we need to define is what a perfect body is. For those thin people who exercise and stay in
shape forever, the perfect body can be a slightly more trained body, a body with less localized rebel fat, or simply a
body without skin blemishes.

But for someone who is struggling with obesity, a perfect body is firstly one that has a healthy weight, so that
should be the first goal to achieve. And here is where the Royal Aesthetic Clinic can help you.

They say that an obese person is one of the patients that most often fights to overcome their disease. And it is true. Far from what is commonly believed that someone who is overweight is someone who has abandoned themselves, these people have usually tried dozens of diets and weight loss plans, but for a number of reasons have failed to achieve their goal.

Why do you fail to beat obesity?

MacroliposuctionSome people fail because they are hungry. It ́s that clear. If you are hungry your body will fight to get fed, since we
are all programmed to survive. And that struggle includes dizziness, discomfort and a strong anxiety for food.

Anxiety, another of the causes why people are overweight, can also be treated by following a successful diet. Finally, there are bad eating habits.

It’s surprising how many people on a diet get fat. And this is because there are both bad eating habits and bad information about it.

What can be done to fight obesity?

In the Royal Aesthetic Clinic we offer different techniques to combat obesity by treating all problems. We study each case and propose the best solution, such as the gastric balloon or Lipobanding technique.

Through these techniques it is possible to reduce the stomach ́s capacity and with it hunger. In addition, the clinic’s endocrine team will support patients at all times to help them fight anxiety and also to teach them new eating habits that can be followed throughout their lives.

In this manner achieving a healthy weight is much easier, as there will always be support and professional control.




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