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We have been talking about the perfect nose and how important is the face in general as an ideal shape and size. But proportions are not only important when we talk about the nose, as it is also important when we talk about the rest of the factions too.

That is the reason why, when some people come asking for a specific operation, for example a rhinoplasty, people may be advised about other series of surgeries that will help keep the face in harmony.

Another example, a less pronounced nose can make the chin more prominent, so it may be advisable to correct the shape of the chin in order to correct the face.

Proportions and Mathematics

Certain proportions on the face are considered perfect and has a lot to do with maths. For example, it is considered that the distance between the birth of the hair and the eyebrows must be the same as that which exists from the eyebrows to the end of the nasal septum, and from the nasal septum to the chin.

Regarding the shape, people have distinguished different kinds of faces: round, oval, square, rectangular, heart, diamond and inverted triangle. The oval shaped is considered the most perfect.

Therefore, to achieve facial harmony, aesthetic surgery would be orientated to achieve the symmetry of the distances already seen, as well as the most oval shape of face.

If the problem is the space between the eyebrows and the birth of the hair, it can be corrected by placing back the birth of the hair. Sometimes raising the eyebrows can help in cases where the distance between these and the end of the nasal septum is very small. If the problem is the lack of chin, today you can resort to chin implants.

For a more oval shaped face, facial fillings can be the solution, as chin implants or liposuction of the chins area. The combined operations of the nose and chin can also achieve this effect, as well as the now infamous fat buccal removal, which involves the removal of the Bichat glands.

Obviously, today this is not exactly accurate, and classical beauty maths proportions are not taken as done and dusted, although they can be a reference, especially when a person perceives that they just don´t like their face, though cannot say exactly what it is.


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