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Excessive sweating or hype-respiration can be problematic. It occurs when a person, without any apparent reason,
begins to sweat excessively. It does not matter if the temperature is cool and you don ́t necessarily have to be
subjected to nerves or any other condition.

Hidrolipoclasia: LiposuctionExcessive sweating may be the symptom of a disease, but if this has been ruled out by a doctor and only appears
by having hyperactive sweat glands, the problem becomes aesthetic and psychological too.

Such people notice that throughout their normal day they begin to sweat more than others around them without
apparent cause, and as it tends to be an exaggerated amount, they soon notice how their clothes become wet and
even begin to smell bad.

They can even begin to suffer quite badly because of this problem, which can even affect their work life and social
life too. As one of the triggers of this problem could be anxiety, it may end up becoming a real nightmare, because
when they notice an excessive sweating they can become nervous, therefore causing them to sweat more.

Excessive sweating and cosmetic treatments

Many doctors advise potent antiperspirants to people who have this problem, but in spite of that they continue to
notice how it just gets worse. Even by using such antiperspirants their clothes continue to get wet, and in addition
they aren ́t very healthy.

They are also recommended to use pads on their clothing, so the wetness is absorbed and their clothes don ́t get
wet, but this too is not the best solution, especially when wearing lighter clothing or in the summer when wearing
short sleeve t-shirts.

The use of perfumed deodorants often only makes the problem worse, so it is not recommended, because if the
smell of sweat is intense and blends itself to the perfume of the product, it can become even more unpleasant and

A doctor who specializes in treating this problem is the dermatologist. At the Royal Aesthetic Clinic the dermatology
team is specialized in offering solutions to people with excessive sweating, helping them to control the problem to
keep any moisture and odors at bay. At the first free consultation you will be informed about the solutions we
propose for this problem.



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