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Even if you don´t look your actual age there may be certain key pointers in your body that are shouting to the world that you are actually older than you may seem at first sight. The following are the most common pointers with which most people are identified to a greater or lesser extent.

– Crow’s feet. It is a weaknesses among many people and becomes more evident during the summer. When sunbathing regularly, without realizing it we slightly frown, one reason why crow’s feet become marked. The sun makes us brown, but by relaxing the area of ​​the eyes, the line marks are seen white and highlighted.

Bags under the eyes. They appear especially due to lack of sleep, but also as a result of fluid retention, spending too many hours reading or simply because age is unforgiving.

– Lip wrinkles. These wrinkles around the lips are one of the first signs of age, and something that is reason for many men and women having complexes. In addition women find that through makeup, this problem can become even more visible.

The neck. One of the most difficult areas to deal with that betrays the true age of people, and mainly because it is very difficult to disguise.

Stains on the hands. Many women who have undergone aesthetic treatments to rejuvenate their face can see how their hands betray them. Age marks on the hands give the the appearance of older hands.

– Premature baldness. Many men who are still young see not only how their true age is revealed, but how they even look older than they really are because of hair loss. Something that often causes many complexes.

All these things, sooner or later, end up happening to us. But there is no reason to be resigned to showing ones actual age due to these weak points of the body. Royal Aesthetic Clinic offers solutions for all these problems, both in our cosmetic surgery department and through aesthetic treatments.

You will always get advice from the best professionals who will advise you on the most appropriate techniques to rejuvenate your face, eliminate or mitigate age spots or fight against baldness with the help of hair implants.


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