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At Royal Aesthetic Clinic we like to be up to date and have evolved towards a new concept of surgery called CIRUFAST: fast recovery surgery.

With this methodology, patients can perform any ambulatory medical or surgical treatment, in a pleasant and risk-free manner, that is, through local anaesthesia and relaxation.

The new concept of CIRUFAST or fast recovery surgery is led by Dr. Martin Espinosa, with more than 20 years of experience investigating so that surgery is not a traumatic and painful act for the patient.

This technique was born in the Nordic countries a few years ago and began in the field of orthopedics in hip and knee prosthesis operations.

Dr. Martín Espinosa, together with the collaboration of Dr. Vricella, is the pioneer in Valencia in the performance of fast recovery surgeries.

In these surgeries, the process of the intervention is simplified, obtaining the same satisfactory results and allowing the patient to return home in less time.

Thanks to CIRUFAST we can perform any type of treatment in a pleasant way and without any risk.

Do you want to see what surgeries can be done using the CIRUFAST technique?

Visit us and find out in detail with our specialist to offer you the most appropriate treatment for you. The first visit is free.


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