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The magic face-lift is a technique patented by the Royal Aesthetic Clinic that is a great improvement over conventional lifts. The face-lift is one of the “fixes” that men and women perform more frequently to look younger and win the battle over age.

The classic technique is very simple. It consists of making cuts at the level of the ears or where it covers the hairline. As a result of these cuts the skin is stretched and tightened so any wrinkles will disappear. The excess skin is cut away and a suture is made at the cut-off point. The scar is virtually invisible because it is covered by the ear or by the hair.

One of the main drawbacks of this rejuvenation technique is that if a person undergoes several skin stretches or undergoes an excessively intense one, slightly altered facial features can be noticable. This is something that many people do not like and the new lifting techniques try to make a person’s appearance much more natural and younger looking, but without changing their facial expressions or features.

Magic Lifting, the revolution of face-lifts

The magic face-lift or Magic-lifting patented by the Royal Aesthetic Clinic has meant a real revolution in the fight against aging. By means of our own technique under local anesthesia and sedation, the patient can remove up to twenty years upwards depending on different factors.

We always say that each case is unique and that is why we recommend an appointment so that our experts can determine if the magic face-lift is the best technique for each specific case, while also offering an assessment that will explain what can be achieved in each individual case so one never goes to the operating room under false expectations, as we are well aware that this is one of the main causes of complaint by patients.

It is not necessary to deceive anyone, as the spectacular results of this face-lift so convincing, and the visible results on the faces of other patients are our best business cards. The deepest wrinkles are attenuated and the superficial ones are simply erased. In addition, the skin is tightened, noticeably improving an oval face shape.


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