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There is a widespread belief that aesthetic operations need touch-ups from time to time as maintenance. This is true, but not in all cases and therefore it is a good idea to differentiate which interventions are permanent and which have an expiry date.

Aesthetic operations that need touching-up from time to time

Usually these are aesthetic medicine treatments that do not require surgery, so they would not actually be considered aesthetic operations in their own right. For example, infiltrations performed with a patient´s own fat to lessen wrinkles. This fat is slowly absorbed by the body, so its effects end up being erased.

It´s also the case with the collagen with which lips are filled or the hyaluronic acid used for wrinkles in the lower part of the face.

All these treatments are very natural and non-invasive. But they are not permanent as a facelift would be. In return, the appearance they offer is very natural and the patient can return to a normal life as soon as they leave the clinic, without having to undergo a recovery process, except for the visible signs of inflammation in the area due to the injections, which disappear in one or two days.

There are different types of face-lifts, but it is true that even those that involve aesthetic operations do have in a way an expiry date. When the skin is stretched it rejuvenates the appearance of the face but does not slow down the passage of time.

Over the years, the ageing process progresses and the skin will once again have wrinkles. Does this mean that the facelift is not permanent? Yes, in the sense that it does not lose the effect, simply, the skin ages. That is to say, it is not that the lifting effect that has gone, just that the process continues.

Aesthetic operations that don´t ever require any touch-ups

The aesthetic operations for which a patient undergoes surgery are, in general, permanent. A person who performs a rhinoplasty or operates the ears will not have to go through the scalpel again for touch-ups, unless something has gone wrong or is not as expected.

The same thing goes for implants of any kind: breast implants, chin implants or buttock implants are for life, unless the patient changes their mind. Today, the materials used to manufacture them don´t ever need to be replaced.


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