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At the end of the 1970s, but especially in the 1980s and 1990s, cosmetic surgery began to become better known in Spain and the rest of the world at a popular level, and not only for fashion and film stars. To finish this summary of fashion and trends in cosmetic surgery let’s talk about how cosmetic surgery has also been subjected to fashion of diverse types.

The first operations to become popular

The first aesthetic operations to become popular were nose operations. Also stretching, although due to its high price tag only the richest people could opt for this type of intervention to rejuvenate the face.

Later, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, breast implant operations took hold, as the ideal of female beauty was represented by a woman with a nice cleavage. Soon being added to this fashion was lip augmentation.

Currently the most requested operations are still for the nose and many women undergo breast enlargement or reduction. Many liposculptures continue to be performed, and among the most fashionable operations is the increase of buttocks and intimate plastic surgery, which rejuvenates and equalizes the appearance of the vaginal lips, succeeding in narrowing the vagina and even recomposing the hymen.

There has also been progress in surgery related to obesity, which has enormously helped people who have failed to lose weight, and who with the help of these techniques have seen their body become a normal weight, slowing the progress of many diseases, while their physical and psychological health have improved remarkably.

The fact is that today cosmetic surgery is much cheaper and operations can be paid in comfortable installments through personal finance, which has encouraged many people to want to look better in the mirror with the help of surgery which has been called by some, the surgery of happiness.

As in everything, there were and there still are excesses. But cosmetic surgery in general is not something frivolous as some have wanted to demonstrate. Not only has it helped many people with very serious problems of birth or physical complexes that prevent them from living a normal life, but has also contributed to many people leading a happier and healthier life, something of great importance.



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