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Although cosmetic surgery soon became very popular among actresses as well as among some actors, few acknowledged to have gone through the operating theatre. It was taboo to say, and that’s why everyone was talking about exercise, healthy diet and good genes as the cause of looking so well. Does this sound familiar to you? Yes, exactly the same is still said by many today.

It took a long time, specifically until 1971, for actress Phillis Diller to utter a sentence that has gone down in history: “The only original parts of my body are my elbows.” A clear recognition of the role that cosmetic surgery had played in her physique.

In Spain, cosmetic surgery was not only taboo, but was also something forbidden by the Church, at a time when it had a lot of weight in society. In 1967, Pope Pius XII authorized the use of cosmetic surgery, affirming before a group of surgeons he had gathered, that they had a duty not only to operate and save lives, but also to satisfy those people who were distressed by their physical aspect or defects.

It had opened the door to the popularization of cosmetic surgery in our country.

Cosmetic surgery is not spoken about

The fact that the Church did not approve such practices does not mean that they were not carried out before. But the existing taboo in itself to talk about this subject just added to the fact that it could be reproached by the ecclesiastics.

People were operating but just not talking about it, and was something being carried out under top secret. Even after the Church gave freedom to operate, it was still something that people didn´t like to talk about.

When it was very obvious that someone had been operated on, they always gave medical excuses: the nose was operated on as they couldn´t breathe well (which could also be true). They even spoke of miracle creams that, amazingly, only worked well on that person and never on anyone else.

People even fell into situations as ridiculous as denying things as obvious as breast implants, which are difficult to disguise. Only in recent years have people begun to talk about cosmetic operations as something normal, just because many famous people have done it on television.


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