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Cosmetic surgery knows about fashion as well as knowing about the textile and accessory industries. Fashion influences the way men and women´s bodies are seen, although it is much more evident in the latter. Therefore for example, the most common operations carried out in 2017 have nothing to do with those carried out in 2000 or at the end of the 1980s.

Cosmetic surgery has its origin in plastic surgery that is performed to correct deformities or fix problems and was already used by ancient Egyptians or Indian cultures too, for example, for trying to correct amputated noses. It is believed that the first nose reconstructions made by the Indian people and considered the first manifestations of plastic surgery date back to 500 BC.

Current day aesthetic surgery

Modern re-constructive plastic surgery, the immediate ancestor of all current cosmetic surgery, had its beginnings in the First World War. Thousands of soldiers returned home with severe mutilations that required re-constructive surgery.

In the period of peace between the two world wars was when cosmetic surgery was really born, as operations were performed not just because they were necessary, but because they wanted to improve a person´s appearance.

The Second World War with all the wounded that a war of that caliber entails, gave another accolade to surgery, and from that moment on, cosmetic surgery took a deep breath and slowly became what it is today.

Aesthetic Surgery and Hollywood

There is no doubt that one of the first places where cosmetic surgery began as we know it today was in Hollywood. If you are one of those that believe that actresses of the past should not have undergone any type of intervention, then perhaps it is best that you don´t continue reading, as we are able to undo some of your beliefs.

Already in the early twenties Greta Garbo underwent some interventions to improve her physique and in 1929 Marlene Dietrich was one of the first actresses to undergo rhinoplasty, and to have several teeth removed to achieve her famous marked cheekbones.

Rita Hayworth´s seductive forehead or Marilyn Monroe´s characteristic peak hairline are thanks to electrolysis, which eliminated the hairline that was too low, although rumor has it that both also had other adjustments made.


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