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increase of cheekbones with fat

Increasing the cheekbones it’s are very attractive and gives personality to the female face. In Royal Aesthetic Clinic we recommend to perform the cheekbones increase with lipotransference of autogenous fat.
The objective of lipotransference is to give a greater volume to certain facial areas, especially cheekbones, jaw edge and lips. A simple and very effective technique recommended regularly in patients who begin to present symptoms of flaccidity in the face or even in people suffering from small facial asymmetry.

All the benefits on your fat.

The fat has some very interesting properties. The procedures of lipofilling or lipotransference are used, not only to increase the volume of certain areas or to treat a specific part of ​​the body that we want to enhance. It turns out that it is also full of growth factors. That in addition to increasing the volumes, improve the texture of the skin. 

It makes the skin look more alive, with more shine. It can even attenuate spots, small vascular lesions. Through the thickening of the skin in certain areas we achieve these effects. We use, for example, fat to improve dark circles, a pathology that is difficult to treat.

The procedure is not complicated. The first thing done is to extract fat from the patient, usually from the abdomen area. The reason is that the fat located in this area is richer in stem cells that can reproduce more easily. This fat is then subjected to a centrifugation process to obtain the useful fatty tissue. It is this fat that is later injected into the face, in small quantities and in the areas where it is more necessary to increase the volume.

It is an especially attractive technique for many people, because it is done in a very short time and with local anesthesia, although a small sedation is usually performed for the patient’s comfort. In addition, the recovery is very fast and the inflation disappears in a few days.

It is necessary a prior assessment by the specialist to assess your case and make the correct diagnosis to offer the most appropriate treatment.

cheekbones increase




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