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Bodily Dysmorphic disorder, what is it?

Bodily Dysmorphic disorder, what is it?

We live in a society where our image is extremely important, so much so that for some people it can end up becoming an obsession, and giving themselves a perception disorder of their own image, known as body dysmorphic disorder. People who suffer from body dysmorphic...
Are cosmetic surgery operations painful?

Are cosmetic surgery operations painful?

This is a very frequent question when someone is going to undertake cosmetic surgery operations. Obviously, the operation itself is not painful, since they are performed under anesthesia, be it local or general. When local anesthesia is used, it is usually combined...

Macro LipoSuction

It is a variant of liposuction particularly suitable for cases where it is required to extract between 6 and 20 liters of fat. That is cases of general obesity mild and moderate level, which must be removed significant quantities of fat from different body areas as...


The Lipogastric® technique developed and patented by Royal Aesthetic Clinic is performing the same operation on a Macroliposuction and implementation of an intragastric balloon (also known as gastric balloon), which helps extend in time the effects of...
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