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Cheekbones increase to get a more atractive look.

Cheekbones increase to get a more atractive look.

Increasing the cheekbones it’s are very attractive and gives personality to the female face. In Royal Aesthetic Clinic we recommend to perform the cheekbones increase with lipotransference of autogenous fat. The objective of lipotransference is to give a greater...
Are cosmetic surgery operations painful?

Are cosmetic surgery operations painful?

This is a very frequent question when someone is going to undertake cosmetic surgery operations. Obviously, the operation itself is not painful, since they are performed under anesthesia, be it local or general. When local anesthesia is used, it is usually combined...


Veins.  Royal Aesthetic Clinic has a laser unit Multidiode last generation, with different types of platforms laser and IPL (pulsed light), allowing us to address the treatment of varicose veins that require this technology with greater efficiency and safety for our...

Pigmented lesions

Pigmented lesions.  Unit Royal Aesthetic Dermatology Clinic offers various treatments for stain removal of facial skin. Our specialists study the types of stains and origin, and from a complete diagnosis specify the most appropriate treatment for each case. We perform...

Medical Peeling

Medical Peeling. Trichloroacetic acid used when we need the peeling acts with a medium degree of depth. Depending on conditions of the skin and wrinkles accentuation, a higher or lower concentration of TCA acid is used. This will be indicated by our team of...
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