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This technique to achieve a strong and balanced and buttock augmentation involves placing twins implant silicone prosthesis.

Buttock Augmentation and twinsIt can be done in two ways:

* By centrifuged fat infiltration of the patient.

* Placing implants silicone implants

It is performed in both men and women but the technique used is different in that we promote for man muscle silhouette, and women look beautiful give a rounded shape to the buttock.

This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and sedation.

In buttock augmentation incision to place the silicone implant is placed in the crease between the two buttocks, as low as possible so it is not visible. At other times they can perform buttock augmentation with fat taken from other parts of the body.

Twins in increasing the incision is in the posterior fold of the knee.

In about two weeks the patient can perform normal life, but should avoid long walks and exercise should not make up at least a month and a half after surgery. However, the medical team of Royal Aesthetic Clinic who will be showing you patterns and rhythm to follow, monitor your progress at all times.


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