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This breast technique is used to reduce breast size and elevation, getting firmer and a volume of more balanced and harmonious with the rest of her breasts.

breast augmentation Breast ReductionWomen who have a disproportionate breast size undergo various physical ailments such as back pain, regardless of who may experience psychological complexes. For this procedure it is advisable to wait until the breasts have finished the whole process of growth, which usually occurs around 17-18 years.

The medical team performed before the operation a complete preoperative study of the treatment area, including mammography. During the operation the skin and mammary gland necessary is removed and the breast is reshaped to the shape, size and the right breast contour, as previously planned with the patient.

We perform breast reduction mammoplasty under local anesthesia with sedation and hospital discharge occurs within hours. Approximately one week after the surgery, the patient can perform normal life, however it must wait between 5 and 7 weeks for exercise.

The medical team of Royal Aesthetic Clinic at all times monitor the patient’s progress and will indicate the most suitable postoperative treatment in each case.


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