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1) Definitive results of breast reductions will not be seen for up to six months or even a year after the operation. 

It is important to bear in mind, since any inflammation in the area of the breast tissue can last for up to even a year. However, woman will live a normal life after the first two weeks of operating, only taking into account a few logical recommendations.

2) The appearance of scars is not the same in all cases. 

Many women are frightened of scars left resulting from a breast reduction. It is normally the case that a wide-scar is produced occupying Breast reduction,the area of the mammalian furrow and another around the nipple. Both areas are joined by a vertical scar that is the most difficult to conceal. If the woman does not smoke and takes care of the scar,

it can become a thin white line and almost unnoticeable. In any case, there are no scars on the upper chest area so will never be seen with low necklines or bathing suits.

3) Back problems can be improved significantly. 

One of the most frequent reasons for chest reduction is back pain, as having to withstand a lot less weight it will improve noticeably, especially in the shoulder area, where all the weight of the breasts is deposited by the bra.

4) Skin friction problems will also be improved. 

Many women suffer from fairly strong friction below the breast area, especially when they are very large. This happens due to sweat building up, so the skin is always wet and in friction. Especially if the breasts have fallen.

With breast reductions not only the size of the breasts is modified, but also their shape. That is why the problem is much improved and will even disappear.

5) The breast will not grow back after pregnancy. 

It is true that a woman’s breast after pregnancy can grow as she will be subjected to hormonal changes. But in breast reductions, much of the breast tissue is removed, so this growth will always be relative and will never return to previous sizes.

In the case of young women who decide to have surgery and who think about having children, they will be warned that breastfeeding may not be possible. They are also recommended to have a slightly greater reduction than what would be recommended to middle aged women, precisely to prevent any slight growth that can be caused by hormonal changes.






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