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Well proportioned legs, the dream of many women

Well proportioned legs is the goal to be achieved for many women, but it must be recognized that it is an especially complicated part of the body to work with. If a woman is not born with nice calves, it can be difficult to achieve as exercise just develops muscles,...

Do you know that a magic face-lift existed?

The magic face-lift is a technique patented by the Royal Aesthetic Clinic that is a great improvement over conventional lifts. The face-lift is one of the "fixes" that men and women perform more frequently to look younger and win the battle over age. The classic...

Cosmetic surgery also knows about fashion (I)

Cosmetic surgery knows about fashion as well as knowing about the textile and accessory industries. Fashion influences the way men and women´s bodies are seen, although it is much more evident in the latter. Therefore for example, the most common operations carried...

Cosmetic surgery also knows about fashion (II)

Although cosmetic surgery soon became very popular among actresses as well as among some actors, few acknowledged to have gone through the operating theatre. It was taboo to say, and that's why everyone was talking about exercise, healthy diet and good genes as the...

Cosmetic surgery also knows about fashion (III)

At the end of the 1970s, but especially in the 1980s and 1990s, cosmetic surgery began to become better known in Spain and the rest of the world at a popular level, and not only for fashion and film stars. To finish this summary of fashion and trends in cosmetic...

Masculine coquetry, more and more seen as normal

Male coquetry is becoming more frequent and also more evident. They are no longer afraid of being seen buying face care creams or going to beauty centres to make minor changes. Fashion and coquetry have been slow to conquer the hearts of men, but it seems that once...

Retouching to triumph in the workplace

There is no doubt that the workplace is getting more competitive. No matter what type of position you aspire to, there will always be a large number of well-prepared candidates to compete with. One´s image has always been important for certain jobs, but now more than...

What are varicose veins?

A varicose vein is a vein that has become inflamed, and this dilation prevents the return of blood to the heart in the right manner. This inflammation or dilation occurs because the venous valves, which deal with moving the blood, do not function properly and cause...

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