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The bichectofast is a procedure to define the face. There are several face shapes, They can bed elongated, square, heart-shaped, triangular, oval or rhomboidal. However, this structure can be altered by the Bichat Balls, a fat accumulation that can cause an image of our face much more bulky than it really would be.
They are described as small clumps of adipose mass, no larger than a nut, attached below the cheekbones, specifically between the masseter muscle and the buccinator. It is present in all people and gives support and structure to our face.

What is the bichectofast about?

The bichectofast procedure consists in the extraction, through a minor surgical intervention, of the so-called Bichat balls by means of 2 small incisions (1 cm each) inside the mouth through the jugal mucosa, so the procedure won’t leave visible scars. These glands do not fulfill any specific function in adults, but only add volume to the area, making the face more rounded depending on its size and the shape of the person’s facial contour.

It is not a complicated intervention lasts approximately 40 minutes, and does not need great subsequent care, so you can return to the daily routine immediately after leaving the center. After the surgical intervention, the patient will have to keep the compressive bandage that the surgeon will have placed for a couple of hours. The main function of this bandage is to reduce the appearance of bruises, as well as reduce the swelling that the operation will cause on the patient’s face. This does not mean that it does not swell, but with the compressor band it will swell less than without it. That same night he will have to sleep, too, with his head slightly raised.
The bichectofast is a procedure encompassed by CIRUFAST, which consists of quick, simple and risk-free surgeries. They are performed with local anesthesia and relaxation, without the need for hospitalization.


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