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This is a very frequent question when someone is going to undertake cosmetic surgery operations. Obviously, the operation itself is not painful, since they are performed under anesthesia, be it local or general.

When local anesthesia is used, it is usually combined with sedation so that the person being treated is relaxed and does not know what is happening. This way you will not have the feeling that what is being done is very painful even if you are feeling nothing.

Pain after cosmetic surgery

The pain actually appears after cosmetic surgery operations. However, as would be expected, it is usually treated in advance with painkillers so that it just feels like a nuisance.

One of the operations with a more painful postoperative is the implant of buttocks, followed by mammary implants performed under muscle. In both cases a week of recovery is usually necessary and painkillers needed before the pain sets in.

On the contrary, the operations where the least discomfort is produced are the rhinoplasty or otoplasty in which the patient is better after just two days.

For recovery to be correct it is necessary that the patient follows all the indications of the doctor. This prevents post-operative infections, which are not only very dangerous, but can also be very painful.

Local anesthesia

El hecho de poder utilizar anestesia local en la mayoría de las intervenciones de cirugía estética ha sido un gran paso adelante, ya que ha acortado el post operatorio. Si antes era necesario estar ingresado en el hospital al menos un día tras la operación, ahora ya se puede ir a casa en tan solo unas horas.

The fact of being able to use local anesthesia in most cosmetic surgery interventions has been a great step forward, since it has shortened the postoperative period. If it had been necessary to be admitted to hospital for at least one day after the operation, now you can go home in just a few hours.

It is true that this does not directly influence the sensation of pain, but being at home greatly reduces the discomfort and allows the patient to be more entertained with their usual routines, which will help a lot to not feel so bad.

Each person is different and everyone´s pain threshold is also different. Therefore, some will say that their experiences have been quite painful and others have only felt some discomfort. In any case, it only lasts a few days and the result of the operation is for a lifetime, so everyone is happy to feel some discomfort.




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