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The technique of abdominal marking highlights the figure simulating the abdominal muscles. This intervention is performed in both men and women, the laterals are defined and the central area of ​​the abdomen is marked, reproducing the appearance of the abdominal muscles.
There is also the possibility of marking the dimples of Venus, located in the lower part of the back.

What is abdominal marking?

Abdominal marking

Abdominal marking can be performed on an outpatient basis under local anaesthesia and relaxation. The intervention lasts approximately two hours and the patient does not need to remain hospitalised.

A liposuction of the entire abdomen is performed and with a thinner cannula the abdomen shapes are marked simulating the appearance of the abdominal muscle. There are many liposuction techniques but in the case of abdominal marking the most used are the conventional and the lipolaser. Depending on the case, the doctor would recommend doing it with one technique or with the other.


The first week is necessary to maintain rest, after this you can carry out normal life without physical exercises. After the second week you can start exercising and physical activities. In any case, depending on the patient, the doctor will give the guidelines to follow according to the evolution.

Combining with other techniques.

The abdominal marking can be combined with other techniques such as liposuction of other areas of the body, definition of the gluteus, increase or lifting of the buttock, increase or reduction of chest …

All these techniques can be performed during the same intervention thanks to more than 25 years of experience of our doctor in complex and combined surgeries.

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